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Italian Adverstising Technical Award


- A new advertising award, and it's called MEDIASTARS.
- But why another prize? There are already many!
- Because, as in all fields, awards have to evolve,
develop, and propose new and innovative formulas.
- For example?
- MEDIASTARS has entirely eliminated product categories, giving each subject the dignity and the strength to compete against everyone in its Section and allowing for multisubject campaigns. It has created a highly technically qualified jury by nominating, for each area of specialization professionals of proven experience capable of giving substantive judgments. Lastly. and this is the key to MEDIASTARS' success, it has chosen to give awards to all the technical specialists who contribute to the creation of advertising campaigns.
- MEDIASTARS is therefore more an award for people than for campaigns?
- Yes, MEDIASTARS is an award that finally, we can say, gives to Caesar what is Caesar’s.
Or rather, it is an award that shines light on the professionalism of the technical professionals who are usually excluded from official recognition but who, in reality, are responsible for a large part of an advertising communication's success.

The Star Awards of MEDIASTARS intends to enter into the careers of the professional technicians in order to deliver their talent, their art, and their best creations to the history of Italian advertising.
- And the awards are really stars?
- Certainly, and they are unique stars, first produced in Murano by L'ldea del Vetro, a glass-making studio specialized in the creation of promotional objects of great cultural value and visual charm.
- Will MEDIASTARS expand its award range?
- I think of our prize as a living organism that has to mature and grow. And to do so it will have to be nurtured and fed continuously with good ideas, farsight, courage, constancy, and a lot of enthusiasm. It’s birth, twelve years ago, was smiled upon and we are now certain that it will grow much and rapidly, expanding into other fields with the goal of becoming a European award that is closely tied to the most prestigious specialized awards of other countries.
It will always remain an award dedicated to the value of professionalism and to the technical operators who know how to express their work in the most varied fields but are always permeated by the irrefutable principle that it is right to give to Caesar that which is Caesar's.

The MEDIASTARS award shines the spotlight on the professional achievements and technical skill of the protagonists who put together successful campaigns.
It’s an innovative award that is dedicated to technical professionals, that is to those whose contribution is fundamental to the success of advertising communication, but who are usually excluded from official recognition. The Award-Stars go into a technical advertising professional’s career to deliver their best work , art, and talent to the hall of fame of Italian advertising.

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Mediastars is the Italian advertising technical award. The national prize is now at its XXV edition and distinguishes itself for its effort in valuing the professional and talent of those working the advertising communications field. Not only awarding the best advertising campaigns, the prize is also directed at the technicians that created them, assigning the Special Stars and the induction in the Best Technicians Register, published in the Annual Mediastars. The prize’s objective is to offer an important career contribution and, in a stricty technical field, create successful advertising communications. The prize allows for the campaign participation of advertising, promotional institutional films, corporate identity operations, events, websites and multimedia communication campaigns. Agencies, firms, productions and post-production audiovisual and multimedia houses can enroll, as well as professional technicians. The Italian advertising technical prize is divided into several categories, and each has two or more afferent sections. The Press&Posters area has a category for press and external advertising. The prize is supported by important boards and associations, among which: the Italian Advertisers, AIAP (Italian Associations for visual communication planning), the Italian Marketing Association, the Connecting Managers Association, the Advertising Federal Agency, the Italian Public Relations Agency and IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Italy.


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